Mining pools

Pool – www.findblocks.com

Variable Difficulty : 8 ~ 64
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10013
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

Variable Difficulty : 64 ~ 8192
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10014
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

Variable Difficulty : 8192 ~ 65536
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10015
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

Fees : 3%
Payout cycle : 15 mins
Minimum Payout : 5 DUTCH

Early stages

– start up of our project
– serveral brainstorm sessions
– decided to go for the name Dutch coin
– decided to go for Algo SCRYPT
– ordering 2 servers (site/deamon)
– start to work on the wallets
– testing windows/linux wallet
– test completed

Second Stage

– Starting with the board topic
– starting with the social media awareness thru a social Airdrop
– brainstoms session about the marketing
– start of our airdrop
– bi-daily payouts of the participans of the social giveaway
– connecting both miningpills en blockexplorers
– colleting enough fund for first exchange
– getting listed at first exchange
– merchant account for b2b
– gathering as many as possible Dutch webshops to get connected
– give away of more bounties
– getting listed on a second exchange
– getting listed on a third exchange

Final stage

– possible migration to bigger servers
– starting with small local marketing
– reaching out to newspapapers and magazines for exposure
– organizing meetings with potential investeros in the capital city of The Neterlands Amsterdam
– getting our first television advertisements broadcasted
– getting listed on eitheer Kraken or Poloniex
– gaining the number 1 spot of the biggest ALT of the Netherlands


Dutch coin is a altcoin made by a dutch friends. We hope to become the biggest dutch altcoin ever made.

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